We love community outreach as a way to love our neighbor as ourselves and serve others in the name of Jesus and are eager to share the knowledge we’ve gained from years of experience. Our Community Outreach section offers helpful information about personal hygiene packs, homeless outreach, school backpack weekend food programs, and snack pantries.

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Prayer is our passion because it’s the way we communicate with God. We offer lessons learned from two decades of prayer ministry. Our prayer resources include answers to frequently-asked-questions, blogs about prayer, fasting, and much more.


Discipleship is the life-long process of learning to live and live like Jesus. Our discipleship resources cover everything from how to become a Christian to information about relinquishing sin, embracing true repentance, effective Scripture memory, in-depth Bible study, and more.



Why is a website dedicated to providing resources for Christian living titled “leannahollis.com”? We’re glad you asked. Leanna’s original “personal” website was designed as an author site. The focus was (unfortunately) on her instead of where it should have been. In 2021, our team began a massive “rehab” designed to move the focus away from Leanna and toward Jesus and equipping the body of Christ to live the disciple life, where it should have been all along.

Leanna currently serves as Director of Intercessory Prayer and Outreach with Global Outreach International and is a full-time peer-to-peer funded missionary.  Her ministry priorities include:Leanna Hollis About

  • SHARING the gospel primarily with high-risk teens
  • SERVING through providing personal hygiene supplies and water to the homeless community and a feeding program for food-insecure students
  • EQUIPPING believers to go deeper in the disciple life through retreats, Bible studies, and one-on-one discipling
  • SUPPORTING missionaries through prayer and encouragement and connecting senior adults in long-term care facilities with missionaries in the field as prayer partners.

We have lots of opportunities for volunteers interested in learning more about serving others in a variety of ways. If you’re willing to use the gifts God has given you, we can help you serve Him.

If you’d like to help provide food for hungry students, help take the gospel to high-risk teens, participate in any of the other ministries mentioned above, or learn more about Global Outreach please click the button below.

Things change fast around here, so be sure to check back often.

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