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You can find all the “prayer blog posts” at the above link or read a few selected ones with the links below.

When the Answer to Your Prayer is Delayed Learn more about why the answers to our prayers are delayed and how to wait for God to move.

Nothing Is Impossible with God – Why don’t we see God do the impossible? Read here to find out some of the possible reasons and what to do about them.

 Real Prayer Moves Us Closer to God – How can prayer move us closer to God? How do we pray move-closer prayers? Read this post to find out more.

What Does it Mean to Be a House of Prayer– Learn how to make your life and heart a “house of prayer.”

Prayer and Politics: How to Pray the News – Concerned about current events? Make a difference through your prayers. Find out more here.

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3: Prayer Resources: How to Fast and Why it Helps Prepare Your Heart for Prayer

4. Prayer Resources: Drive Through Prayer

How to Host a Drive Through Prayer Event

Drive Through Prayer Check-List

5. Prayer Resources: Prayer Stations

Free Prayer Station Download:  Women of Influence Prayer Stations: Esther 

6. Free Prayer Guides:

This free prayer guide addresses our love for the world, sense of entitlement, and hidden sin as well as the bigger issue of suffering in our broken world: What to Do When God’s Heart Breaks

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