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Area agencies and contact information:  This Community Outreach Resource page includes information for organizations offering services for a variety of Community Outreach needs. These organizations provide assistance for everything from Emergency Shelters to Food Pantries, Meals, Rehousing, and Life Skills training. There are also school-focused agencies whose services include Snack Pantries and Weekend Backpack programs. Other organizations offer Medical care or Psychological/Psychiatric care. 

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The goal of homeless outreach is not to make homelessness more comfortable. Instead, it is to make homelessness rare and facilitate a return to stable housing for both individuals and families.

You can learn more about government point-in-time counts, their importance in determining homeless services, and other governmental resources here: SAMHSA.GOV

Blog Posts:

Best Ways to Help the Homeless: Practical Tips: This article offers information about causes of homelessness and how to help. It also includes information about personal hygiene packs. 

Homelessness in America: Up Close and Personal: A personal experience with homelessness in Los Angeles, CA and how to help with homelessness, regardless of location. 

How to:

Best Practices for Preparing Personal Hygiene Packs  This easy how-to includes links to purchase supplies at a reasonable cost and offers suggestions for engaging your community in the process.


Weekend food outreach

School backpack programs provide supplemental weekend food for hunger-at-risk students. They also provide churches and other charitable organizations an opportunity to invest in the lives of students. These programs allow us to love our neighbors as ourselves by helping to meet their most basic needs. In addition, these programs can result in positive changes in student behavior and school performance for years to come. 

We work to decrease the risk of childhood hunger through supplemental weekend food programs. In addition, we hope to provide several hundred extra calories per day. We do not attempt to reduce or replace parental responsibility. We want to be a hand UP rather than merely a handout. 

Unfortunately, students are not the only ones at risk of hunger. School staff, especially part-time workers earning minimum wage, may also experience life stressors resulting in an increased risk of hunger. In order to provide support for staff as well as students, we stock a “Snack Pantry” for both students and teachers. 

Best Practices for Weekend Backpack Programs This article provides information on options for weekend food programs, the reasons for our service, foods to avoid, and foods to include. Not listed are “snack foods” such as sweet treats or chips. They may be included in moderation but the bulk of the food should offer more nutritional value if possible. Serve Jesus by serving the overlooked and ignored.

Best Practices for Snack Pantries This article provides information on goals, logistics, suggested food, and optional faith-based items to include in a school snack pantry. 

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