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The Whisper Gathering 2018

This year’s Whisper Gathering is scheduled for October 25-27, 2018 at the beautiful FCR Crows Neck retreat center. Registration is now open. I hope you’ll make plans to join us.

What is The Whisper Gathering?

This is a women’s retreat focused on learning to hear the gentle whisper of God’s still, small voice and obey. This year’s theme is Knowing and Using the Gifts of God.

What can I expect?

Great worship led by LaShay Blansett, experienced worship leader and Director of Women’s Ministry at West Jackson Street Baptist Church in Tupelo, MS.

In-depth Bible study led by Leanna Lindsey Hollis M.D., frequent retreat leader and Director of Intercessory Prayer and Outreach at Global Outreach International.

There’ll also be plenty of prayer time, reflection, repentance, cabin choirs, laughter, bonfires, yummy food, evening s’mores, and fun, so bring a willing spirit and a ready laugh.

Inspirations for Women’s pop-up store and FCR’s gift shop will be open if you want to do a little Christmas shopping.

What do people say about last year? 

We asked last year’s attendees to summarize the Whisper Gathering in two or three words. Here’s a little of what they said:

Freeing. Hearing God’s voice. Reconnection with Jesus. Awakening. Fellowship. Renewal. Refuge. Reassuring. Reconnecting. Rest. Respite. Renewing. Life changing. Inspiring.

Scroll down to see photos from last year’s event.

How should I prepare?

  • If we want God to move in life-changing ways, we must prepare our hearts in advance. Two ways we can do this are through prayer and fasting. No one expects (or recommends) a long fast without any food. Instead, consider limited fasting of a single food item or an occasional meal between now and the retreat.
  • Use the time until the retreat to seek God about areas in your life in need of change.
  • Friend me on Facebook and ask to join the Whisper Gathering closed group. ( I’ll post devotionals and prayer thoughts during the days leading up to the retreat, so be sure to check back often.

How much does The Whisper Gathering cost?

The cost is $135 and covers two nights’ lodging, six meals, and snacks. (The event T-shirt is extra.)

Is there an event t-shirt?

Yes. Short-sleeved only. Inspirations for Women is handling our shirts, so the price is in addition to the registration fee. Your purchase price includes tax and fees. $14 for Small to XL  $15 for 2XL and 3XL 

What to bring?

Bible, notebook, pen, toiletries, bed linens, pillow, blanket, light jacket. Comfortable clothes. Come with a sense of anticipation of God’s presence and ready to meet with God, repent of sin, and surrender to His will.

Ready to register? Follow this link to the Registration Page to register online.

If you’d rather mail your registration, make your check out to The Whisper Gathering/Pinion and send the following information to Global Outreach/Whisper Gathering, PO Box 1, Tupelo MS 38802 (Be sure to put Whisper Gathering on the “for” line. DO NOT put my account # on the check, as this will not go through the Global account)

Name:                                                                                                                         Phone Number:

Mailing address:                                                                                                       Email:

Emergency Contact:                                                                                                Phone number:

Any special needs:

Do you want a t-shirt?           What size?

Send your form and the amount listed to the above address.

$135 for The Whisper Gathering only

$149 for The Whisper Gathering plus T-shirt sized S, M, L, or XL

$150 for The Whisper Gathering plus T-shirt sized 2XL or 3XL

If you’d like to share information about The Whisper Gathering with your church or women’s group, download the flyer. Click here:  flyer whisper gathering 2018 PDF

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